As 21st June gets over, the international Yoga fever subsides. However, those who perform Yoga regularly know that it isn’t something to be done just for show-off. It should become an everyday affair to make the mind and body fit. Yes, it is an exercise that brings an ultimate state of balance and equilibrium. Yogic postures, meditation, and controlled breathing are the three pillars of Yoga. There are many retirement homes in Hyderabad that make sure all its inmates perform yoga on a daily basis.

Yoga Tips for Senior Citizens make the body subtle and flexible. Each posture works on a specific part of the body which should be concentrated on during the final stage of the posture. It is an exercise that doesn’t put stress on the body. There is no fatigue or tiredness after practicing Yoga. On the contrary, one feels fresh and energetic. There is no limitation on age, sex, or physical capacity. Since it is the way of life, anybody can do it.

With a little precaution, elderly people can do various postures. However, it is recommended to have structured training from a certified trainer. Retirement home in Hyderabad has many trained instructors who guide the elderly on yoga postures. The postures should be done as per physical capacity and flexibility. Overstretching should be avoided. Old age people remain fit and active by practicing yoga daily. It is the path to total fitness!

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